• Jazz Ensemble Rehearsal – Will rehearse on-stage tomorrow from 12:30pm to 1:00pm during one lunch
  • Tuba Christmas – All those attending the “Tuba Christmas” event will need to be in the band room by 12:30 tomorrow to wait for the charter busses’ arrival.  I have re-attached the schedule for the day to this email in case you needed it again.
  • Winter Concert – Our concert is this Tuesday at 7pm.  Report time for all students in full uniform is 6pm in the band room.  One last time, gentlemen need to have a white button down shirt, white t shirt underneath, black dress shoes, and their tuxes.  Women need to have their black concert dress, black heels or flats, and hair can be in any style as long as it is neat.  Failure to not have the proper attire will result in the student being sent home, and a zero for the grade.  Please let me know if you need help.  In addition, even if you child only performs for one portion of the concert, they are required to stay for the entirety of the performance.  Not only will that be part of their grade, but it is important to encourage proper concert etiquette and kindness as we support ALL who perform that evening. 
  • District Band Auditions – Are this Saturday.  Report time for students is 7am in the band room.  I will be providing donuts for students as they come in as a “thank you” to the ones who have chosen to perform.  This is an early report time on a Saturday, but the earlier we register the earlier we audition and students can go home.  Please remember, we are only proving transportation TO KRHS (not back).  When your student is finished auditioning, they may go home on their own.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
  • Guard Clinic – Just as a reminder, we still have registration open for our one of a kind guard clinic this Saturday as well. It is open to grades 8th – 12 and students can register through the link below.  All levels of learners are welcome!
  • Fundraiser Pick up – If you sold anything from our pie and cookie fundraiser, you can pick up your orders in the band room the same night as the concert.
  • CLMS Performance – If you are playing with the CLMS Band for their concert on Wednesday evening, please be in the band room by 6:15, and dress nicely (no jeans or sneakers).