• 2020 Welcome Meeting – This Wednesday at 7pm, we will be hosting a welcome meeting for all new/returning program members.  During the meeting, we will discuss the handbook, go over our schedule and policies, and talk about what potential options may look like for our program moving into the 2020 school year.  The link to join is below.  If possible, please have your students use their school google accounts to join, but this is not required to take part.  Please try your best to make this meeting, even if you just turn your camera off and listen along!  
  • Band Awards Night – Our 2020 Band Awards Night will be this Thursday at 7pm.  The link to join is below.  Remember, it’s open to all band members and families.  Again, please join using a student account if able, but this is not required.  Because of the recent “zoom bombings” please DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK VIA SOCIAL MEDIA.  Share it privately in text and email only.  I look forward to honoring all of our students!
  • Sectional Schedule – I’m going to keep holding weekly sectionals with kids over the summer just to check in with everyone.  They are not required, but I’d love to see you for a few minutes!

Flutes Tuesday @ 1pm

Trumpets/Clarinets Tuesday @ 12pm

Sax/Horns Wednesday @ 12pm

Low Brass Thursday @ 12pm

Percussion Friday @ 12pm

  • Band Awards Pick Up – You will be able to physically pick up awards on Saturday, June 13th from 10am to 12pm at the curb in front of the band room.  We are currently seeking admin approval to see if we can turn that into more (drop off uniforms, music, etc.).  Stay tuned for updates.  If you are able, please take your concert uniforms for dry cleaning.  This would help GREATLY.