I trust everyone had a good 3 day weekend.  Excuse the timing of this week’s update…Mrs. Neidich and I took a little trip up to Michigan this past weekend to meet up with some family.  In case you were wondering, yes, Michigan is far! LOL  Ok, then…here we go into what looks to be a final push into what will be our last competition week for the marching band.  Read carefully!

Marching Band:  It’s assessment week!!!  Rehearsal Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday…usual times.  It goes without saying that these need to be are best rehearsals of the season.  Let’s focus (myself included) and get it done.  We’ll also have Mr. Z in one last time this season.

Friday 10/14 – 8th Grade band night!

3:00pm               Rehearsal in Stadium

4:00                     8th graders rehearse in the stadium with the marching band

5:15                     Pizza for all

6:15                     Marching Eagles in uniform ready to warm-up/tune in the band room

6:30                     Line-up and marching to the stadium

***If at all possible, I’d like to load the truck after our halftime performance on Friday.  This will help with our report time for Saturday.

Saturday 10/15 – Double Show Day!

6:30am               Report & Dress

7:15                     Depart LHS

8:45                     Arrive at Rock Ridge

10:30                   Assessment Performance

11:30                   Ratings Announcement

1:00pm               Approximate arrival at LHS

Subway lunch for those who want it…otherwise, make arrangements to bring your own food.

2:30pm               Dress & Load Buses

3:15                     Depart LHS

4:15                     Arrive at North Stafford HS

6:15                     Performance

8:40                     Awards

9:45                     Arrive at LHS

Be sure to eat breakfast before arriving at LHS for practice.  As usual, bring money for food or pack.  Dress appropriately for the weather…the forecast looks beautiful but will probably get cold once the sun goes down.

Orlando 2023: You know the deal…few spots still available.

-Our unique Group Collect website for trip registration and payments: https://ccistravel.grcoll.co/go/libertyhsmusicorlando23 

-Need help with Group Collect?  Click here:  Passenger Registration Help Videos.

Jazz Band Fall 2022:  Rehearsals will start Tuesday, October 18th.  This is a change from last week’s update.  With the marching competition season ending this week, marching rehearsals will be fewer in number.  We will rehearse from 3-4pm.  Once the marching band season wraps up, we will talk again about adding another day of jazz band rehearsal.

Liberty Hosting VBODA Oct. 29:  I am still compiling data and making assignments.  I will finish this up and send a separate email to the marching folks with parent job assignments and the link to the student sign-up sheet.  I had a good conversation with our site coordinator and have many details to share at the band booster meeting.

Band Boosters:  Next meeting October, 12 at 6pm.

Upcoming dates…

12/8      Winter Band Concert

12/10    District Band Auditions