• Carl Bly Visit – This Tuesday after school, Mr. Carl Bly will be coming in to work with our group.  He has been a music educator in the state for 37 years, and was the former director at Lake Braddock High School (an amazing program).  He is highly regarded as one of the best in the area, and I look forward to getting his feedback on our rehearsal.  Please be present, ready to work, and show him what we are capable of!  Remember, we bring these people in for the students’ benefit, please help us to not waste valuable resources!
  • Homecoming Weekend – Friday’s schedule will be the following.  Students please report to the school by 6:45am to play in the main lobby.  Please wear your show shirts and ball caps.  During the course of the school day, students are to report down in the band room by 12:55pm to get ready for the Homecoming Pep Rally.  We will then perform for the Pep Rally.  Students will then have a bit of down time to eat dinner, until they are to walk over to Grace Miller Elementary for the homecoming parade.  We need to be at Grace Miller by 4:30pm for set up.  Parade starts at 5:00pm.  Dress code for the parade is show shirts, ball caps, khaki shorts, dinkles, and white socks (casual uniform).  If any students need dinner, I would be happy to run out and get pizzas right after school again.  Please bring in $3 the morning of (not that afternoon) so that I can count how many students I need to order pizza for.  After the parade, students are to be in full uniform and ready to go over to the stadium by 6pm.  The game will proceed as normal, except we will perform our show during post game due to the homecoming award ceremonies.   There is no competition this weekend due to the homecoming dance.
  • Heads-up about October 26th – I wanted to get this on everyone’s radar now, because I understand how early it will be for some.  We are currently scheduled to perform at Patriot High School on the 26th for assessment at 10:30am.  They have us marked for an arrival time of 8:45am.  It is my strong opinion that by having the kids report to Liberty, get on the bus, then have them run the show for the first time that day at Patriot HS for their assessment could be disastrous.  We need to “wake up” so-to-speak before heading over there.  Therefore, we will run a 6:00am rehearsal on the stadium field under the lights that morning.  We will do a run of the show and a short review of trouble spots until 7:00am.  Students will then be dismissed to load the truck, eat breakfast, and suit up in uniform.  Donuts and orange juice will be provided after rehearsal to help get everyone going!  We will depart Liberty by 8:00am.  I ask that you understand my reasoning in this decision and ask for your support.  It is my sincere hope for the students to perform at their highest potential that day, as it will be the last time we ever perform “Gods Among Men” with the official send-off to our season.  In some good news, there is no game the night before.  So please rest accordingly.
  • Small T-Shirt Fundraiser – Attached to this email is a form for a small/fun little T-Shirt fundraiser we are doing in conjunction with Cedar Lee MS.  If you would like to purchase one, please have all forms turned in by November 1st.  Shirts are only $10!
  • Video and Judge’s Comments –  Below are links to video of last night’s show and judge’s tapes.  Please watch and listen for improvement.  A few takeaways from last night and things to focus on going into next week are the following;
  • Clean what is already in place.  Step offs and closes on sets have to be immaculate going forward.  Basic marching technique will be focused on, and we cannot ever let ourselves march with bad technique.
  • Added visuals.  We will continue to add visuals in holds to give our show more excitement and increase the technical demand of the players.  Most will be added this week.
  • Shaping in phrases.  If we ever want to see our music scores increase, we must make each phrase a shape of its own.  Softs need to be softer, so that those impact moments really rise up!  Music will be a huge focus going into the next two weeks.

Video – https://drive.google.com/open?id=10EMzLexq96_FJlrHOt41F359oDJ6sMAw

Comments – https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1gD0XGj2wzZ80tI4ybMRxCgUNs6-R3v-H?usp=sharing